The Art of Light

• Finland

• 24 years old

♫ My favorite bands are X Japan, Big Bang and Nightwish.

♪ I also listen to 2NE1, D'espairsRay, exist†trace, the GazettE, girugamesh, Mucc, Sonata Arctica and many other Finnish and Japanese bands.

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I see eyes that are bluer than the sky

Will you please come into my arms?

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SEUNGRI’S GOTTA TALK TO U random scenes in perfectionism island green/blue tones.

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 He is someone who I can have a very deep conversation with and I think of him as my real brother. When I have worries or troubles, I always go to SOL for advice and he’s an awesome guy with a big, warm heart.

— Daesung about Taeyang


Seungri’s suit and tie

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favourite D’espairsRay live pictures: 3/?

I want to tell you something

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I know it is late, but #B7GBANG! I gotta know Big Bang because of Daesung, and since I am a Todae’s lover, these pictures are all I have. Happy 7th Anniversary! Big Bang is the best! Forever here for you! Congrats to Seungri too! Maeknae wins all the hyongs! 5ting~  #B7GBANG #V7P #LetsTalkAboutSeungri

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