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Toshl著作本『洗脳』が本日7月23日発売されます。 全国書店およびインターネット販売でお求めいただけます。

本日7月23日、僕が1年間に渡り執筆をしてきた本『洗脳』が リリースされました。 ぜひ読んでいただけたら幸いです。read. ToshI


Toshl’s book “ Senno Jigoku no 12 Nen Kara no Seikan ” has been released today.

Available at national bookstore and Internet sales. Today 7/23, I, for over one year, have been writing “ Senno Jigoku no 12 Nen Kara no Seikan ” and it has now been released. I read. ToshI


Visit CDJapan if you’re interested in ordering a copy.


Apparently Toshi is going to publish a book in July 23th. It’s most likely his biography and its roughly translated name is “12 years of brainwashed hell”. More information in Japanese here.


いよいよ明日ですね。 Toshl

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Toshi - Mirai Wo Eye Shiteru (Eye Love Future)

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A few minutes on the stage and Toshi's already getting to
the heart of the matter.


I went to Yoshiki’s concert in Tokyo with XJAPAN members. It was incredible! And fans were excellent!!
- ToshI

(via hayashixdeyama)

"Favorite moments of the show include Yoshiki politely shooing Toshi away from the stage so he could get on with the concert, to which Yoshiki remarked “Band members… they’re like my family.”" ©


"Towards the end of the concert, YOSHIKI announced that X JAPAN will perform at Madison Square Garden on October 11, 2014. YOSHIKI asked, “Is Toshl still here?” as his friend joined his side, and mentioned that Toshl just learned of the big news earlier that day. With feelings of surprise and excitement, Toshl commented, “I will do my best!”" ©


Segments of fan accounts about Yoshiki’s Classical World Tour in San Francisco 28/04/2014.