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what’s the best thing about being Big Bang?

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Our secret is that we have never put success or popularity as our goal. We just enjoy what we do, and we have come this far.
Taeyang [Q: It’s been 8 years since BIGBANG has been together. What would you say you owe your success and staying power to?] (Video)

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G-Dragon at J.ESTINA F/W Brand Presentation~

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(140915) YGE Updates on Seungri: 

He got off the ambulance (after the accident) because there was not enough time left for the flight to Singapore, but was sent to a hospital again since he didn’t look well and said he’s having abdominal pain.  

Seungri feels sorry for Big Bang members, staffs, and fans about not being able to attend concerts in Singapore (this past weekend). His liver will be fine after some time but we can know whether it’s more severe or not after the result of medical checkup is out. Seungri will receive outpatient treatments, coming and going from the hospital, as he feels better after some days. 

(article, trans: ShrimpLJY)

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  • T.O.P : and dont worry, we'll be back very soon !
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