The Art of Light

• Finland

• 24 years old

♫ My favorite bands are X Japan, Big Bang and Nightwish.

♪ I also listen to 2NE1, D'espairsRay, exist†trace, the GazettE, girugamesh, Mucc, Sonata Arctica and many other Finnish and Japanese bands.

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gtkm meme: [4/10] current celebrity crushes » lee chaerin

“I want to represent Asian women. I want to break that typical Asian female stereotype. There’s this standard where they’re all calm. I want to break that. I want to tell the world that there are some badass Asian female girls and that we can be cool. That we’re nothing different. I want to break that standard and stand up for all the girls.”

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❝I Need A Girl who is One Of A Kind❞

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ABC's of Kang Daesung
    V - VIPS

D-4 to Daesung’s Birthday (14.04.26)

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careful with your giant lollipop, jjong

careful with your giant lollipop, jjong

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